Agro Technic offers a range solutions to virtually any application need you might have. Depending on the nature/source of the problem, we have a variety of equipment and chemicals that work together to cater to your application needs.

At Agro Technic, you get the best, because we use the best. From our very own German-made Agrofog ™️ thermal and ultra-low volume (ULV) cold fog generators to chemicals from world-renowned brands like Bayer, BASF and Syngenta, we are able to offer a solution for all your application needs.

Our main areas of application expertise are provided below:

  • With the Covid-19 pandemic an on-going reality in our daily lives, the need for disinfection services is more necessary than ever; we have chemicals and equipment to disinfect a wide variety of surfaces and areas for the food industry, livestock and public hygiene.
  • Our flagship specialty is in the area of pest control management where we provide both chemicals and equipment for a variety of different pests – our german-engineered thermal foggers and ULV cold fog generators are well-known throughout the industry.
  • With an ever-increasing reliance on storage of foodstuffs, the need for preventive solutions against stored product insects is a necessity. Vigiliant stored product pest control can save millions of dollars of losses and ensure the longevity of our food industry.
  • Crop and plant protection is of pivotal importance to ensure plant survival against the myriad of pests that destroy food crops each and every year. Our ULV aerosol foggers play an important role!


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