Protection of stored products begins already with the storage. Thoroughly controlled goods and locations in excellent hygienic condition, which means without infestation of vermin or defects in the construction, are indispensable.

On top of that, a permanent control by both installed monitoring systems and visual checks should be carried out to identify a potential infestation as early as possible.

Pests are introduced mostly by commodities and packages. Eggs or just enclosed grubs are mostly so tiny that they can pass even through fastidious control undetected. Moreover, several species of moths and beetles can immigrate and fly into the warehouse just as well as in other sensitive areas.

Damages caused thereby are manifold and often serious. Vermin is nauseous and, in the worst case, they transfer pathogenic and putrefactive agents (bacteria, viruses, worm eggs, spores). In this case, it often happens that whole sections have to be destroyed or the exploitation involves high financial loss. In addition, technical defects frequently disturb the production process due to infestation of vermin. Undetected infestation in finished goods implies rejection, recourse receivable, loss of clients and damage to its image.

In case of infestation of moths or beetles despite thorough prevention, control measurements have to be applied instantly, but even the treatment of the concerned goods with gases or physical measures are only able – if at all technically feasible – to avoid the worst at the most: an overlap to other sections. Comestible and luxury goods are already considered spoilt and excluded from sales as soon as they contain filth or excrements of pests.



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