What is mist blowing?
Mist blowers are used for powerful and efficient control of mosquitoes across a large area in a short span of time.

Agrofog Backpack Mistblower’s provide a convenient solution for the operator that allows them to tackle mosquito control with comfort, across a wide coverage area. The power of the mist blower moves tree branches and bushes around to ensure full insecticide coverage on the underside of leaves and across the entire plant.

The advantage of a mist blower is that it is very effective in dense foliage areas where it is normally difficult to coat the underside of leaves with residual pesticide. As this is where mosquitos usually reside, this ensures that the pest is controlled in an effective & timely manner.

A mist blower allows application of a barrier treatment of residual insecticide into mosquito daytime habitats, across a wide area in a short space of time.

Backpack mist blowers require less chemicals than a standard backpack sprayer. Also, due to the power of the blower, they are able to move dense foliage around ensuring that the underside of leaves are coated with pesticide. Sprayers cannot achieve that action as they do not have the powerful blower.

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