What is ULV Cold Fogging?

ULV Cold Fogging is cold-fogging at ultra low volume (a low volume of fluid is required to generate fog that can cover vast areas). ULV cold foggers are the equipment used to disperse pesticide chemicals as a fog or mist in the air. Pest control professionals can target nuisance pests like mosquitoes, flies, and other flying insects, and eliminate them effectively with this method.

The Agrofog ULV Cold Fogger, manufactured using highly durable thermoplastics, is powered by an electric motor capable of pressurising and dispersing average droplet sizes of 10 to 30 microns at an impressive output of 250ml per minute evenly over any affected area. Droplets will then remain airborne over a period of time to create an effective pest management solution suitable for all indoor conditions. One of the unique key features is having the variable control knob that allows user to manage the flow rate under different conditions. Its portability, zero carbon monoxide emission and maintenance-free features make it one of the most welcome methods for non-aerosol type application.

Cold foggers or ULV (ultra low volume) foggers utilise cold spraying which uses air pressure to spray the liquid application in small particles whereas Thermal foggers use heat to vaporise the fogging liquid to induce the fog.

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