What is thermal fogging?

Thermal foggers are used for thermal fogging, also known as space spraying, which is the elimination of flying pests. Thermal fogging is the use of specialised insecticides through airborne contact. Source reduction strategies alone are often limited and insufficient in reducing the suffering, consequences and even deaths as a result of vector borne diseases.

Therefore thermal fogging and aerosol application equipment are specifically designed and constructed for space treatment to target the flying and crawling insects. These application methods have proven their effectiveness in vector control programs over the years.

Thermal fogging has proven its effectiveness in vector control programs over the years as the equipment and application is specifically designed and constructed for space treatment to combat flying and crawling insects; especially dengue mosquitoes in Singapore.

Yes. The amount of chemicals used in fogging applications is usually of a low enough concentration that it will not cause harm to humans. Prolonged exposure or operating thermal foggers without safety equipment or PPE is not recommend however.

A thermal fogger is a device designed to effectively space spray areas with insecticide to eliminate flying pests. Depending on requirements the devices can come as handheld thermal foggers for one-man-operations, or as truck-mounted foggers or jumbo thermal foggers for large agriculture or farming operations.

Thermal foggers use heat to vaporise the fogging liquid to induce the fog whereas cold foggers or ULV (ultra low volume) foggers utilise cold spraying which uses air pressure to spray the liquid application in small particles.